I'm a creative engineer

using empathy to build habit-forming tech products


Shine photo app captures life moments in epic ways. Shine makes it easy to inspire athletes through creativity. Send in your favorite memories for any sport or activity. I created this app from concept to launch.

Built using Moqups, ExpressJS, Sendmail, and Heroku.

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Stack Up

A new idea I thought of to assist full stack engineers in selecting various programming stacks quickly to develop Minimum Viable Products (MVP). This project only involved idea creation, sketching, and mock-ups. As I completed user feedback interviews it became apparent that programmers and teams don't have many issues in selecting the best stack for their project.

Built using Moqups.

Norkfolk Southern


Spotdrop, is a mobile event guide I created for iOS, displaying the best events around without searching. In just a few swipes, discover and share how you plan to have the best day ever.

Built using Objective-C and Parse SDK.

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Technology Analyst

Curate vital enterprise information at Norfolk Southern Corporation using SQL to support users in decision making and inspire users to take action within a well designed product.

Skills: SQL, Product Design, Customer Support, Technical Writing.

Norkfolk Southern

Stock app

I was researching mobile SDK technologies that could give cross platform functionality using HTML 5, lower time to market, and allowed apps to be distributed to various app stores in a seamless manner. After exhaustive digging I found Ionic and was impressed with the results.

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This sample project I was looking to build my design skills while having a full stack engineer mindset. From paper sketches, designing the initial landing page with a transparent background, to hosting this project was a great kickstart into learning how to scale the full stack.

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